Sunday, December 13, 2020

Pyramids Pillars of Snow

Whatever hath no beginning
May be confident of no end—
Eternity we disagree
Exists, but on mortality,

Better yet, change, we’re of one mind.
The upshot is that what you find
To be confined to one side, death,
I find to be the immortal

Itself, the longest perspective,
That the short and the long are one,
Nothing varying but the rate
Of variation, forever.

But I’m tired of thinking this through,
Much as it troubles me and much
As I admire you. It won’t do
To keep repeating all changes

And that therefore all disappears,
Except for the disappearing,
Which has no beginning, no end,
And is the immortality

Of eternal mortality.
Here we are. Your language you knew
Would not last forever but would
Outlast you, now my language, too.

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