Saturday, December 12, 2020

One Animal

How many are there living
At any given moment,
How many any moment

Die? You’d think the broad view
Means it’s hard to care for one,
But I do. Two. Me and you.

Me, I don’t worry about
So much anymore, one foot
Out the door. I’m an old fool

Who’s tried to get out before.
But the one animal, you,
I consider all the time

And can’t imagine losing,
Won’t imagine it, refuse.
We’re all animals, it’s true,

And we’ll do what creatures do,
Even with fancy language,
Tales, myths, math, and rocket ships.

But I can’t be broad-minded
In this case. One animal
Needs to thrive and outlive me,

No matter what the others
Get up to. Be a good beast
For me, please. Survive. Thrive. Do.

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