Saturday, December 26, 2020

One of the Dead Then

Here I am, inch high,
Great-bearded Neptune . . .
Bottom of my tank,

Bubbling in a poem,
Surprised to be here.
Choosing gods to be

Can be fun, although
Choosing a monster
Or freak more suits me.

But what god could be
More absurd than this,
Poseidon at scale

Sized right for goldfish
Dumped from plastic bags
Into a cramped bowl?

It fits. I fit. No
Living god would
Stand for this, but look,

Who loved Poseidon,
Destroyer of ships—
Or Leviathan,

Or Illuyanka,
Kraken, Moby Dick?
I’m fine with burbling

As an ornament
In your tap water,
Molded in plastic.

I come from χάος.
I know what scares you.
I own the Five Deeps.

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