Friday, May 8, 2020


~If One Were a Fool, What Would Be One?

First, he read that ruminators
Make poor decisions when pressured
And are more likely to suffer

From depression. Scientific 
Research suggested he adopt
More illeatic reasoning

To achieve greater wisdom. That is—
In round polysyllabic words—
For instance, intellectual

Humility, recognizing
Uncertainty, capacity
To search for compromises,

And taking others’ perspectives.
These would enhance emotional
Well-being and relationship 

Satisfaction, which were, in turn
The researchers’ definition
Of quantifiable wisdom.

What fool would question such wisdom?
He asked himself rhetorically,
But also illeatically.

Bad decisions and depression
Vs. greater satisfaction
And emotional well-being—

What kind of fool would even pause
To ruminate over that one?
This one, he thought, grinning. This one.

~All Immortality Is Third-Person 

Mark sat in the borrowed yard
And thought about being named
For the things he liked to make

Or should it be do or jot
Or copy or compose or
Well really just tap a lot

When was a mark Mark or not?
None of the others were him
And all he was was others 

The main difference was he was
A Mark among breathing Marks
So long as the body breathed

And kept that tag of a name
Tied to various numbers
And coded identities

But all the rest of the marks
He had tapped composed jotted
Weren’t among the breathing Marks

And had been circulating
In material copies
Since before he was a Mark

And likely would continue
Long after he wasn’t one 
Perhaps not as he marked them

~Free of Will

In a rather small body
Of grey hair and spindly limbs
Things settled down for the night

It was never the future
The body experienced
Mostly the most recent past

The future was the abode
Of God and Heaven and Hell
Yama demons and angels

Of all the destinations
One might fantasize or dread
That couldn’t be encountered

To hold what will never be
Within what is of what’s been
Tires a body shy of sleep

At the close of floating days
Finding itself bent and grey
To drop this is to escape

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