Monday, May 25, 2020

Hypergraphic Versomatic

What works, what matters
Are the hours alone with the light—

You can do it otherwise, in crowds,
Between interruptions if you have to,

And who knows if those bits aren’t better?
God knows you don’t. You just do,

Make do, and keep on doing,
Will do, so long as it remains possible

For you—whether you’re now the reader
You always dreamed of or could be or not,

Whether this morning when you woke up
You were in love with what you did last

Night, or a little nauseated, tell the truth—
This isn’t mere compulsion for you, but it is

Pleasure and work and craft and leisure
And a lot of happy, effortful thinking, too—

And for the latter, what works, what works
Especially well, are the whole mornings,

Whole afternoons spent alone with the light
When no one and nothing can talk to you

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