Friday, May 6, 2016

Tortoise Jump

"I cut up my old bamboo underwear to make boots." ~Sarah

You would have me believe that reason
And common sense favor sensible
Behavior, but I know that the truth
Is insensate and favors nothing

And that what is generally considered
Sensible is part of the delirium
That orchestrates our species' slavery.
So sue me. I lived poorly and died

Meanly, and you may evaluate
Me and everything I did how you please
Or simply, more likely, forget me
And move on with your own miseries.

Pretend that the bunny says jump.
The bunny says jump. She jumps.
Pretend that the kangaroo says jump.
Kangaroo says jump. She jumps.

On and on through a brilliant afternoon
When there was no paying work to be done,
And her mother was making puppets,
And the spring laughed its dry laughter

At the way we approach the ends of things.
Pretend that the hunter says jump.
The hunter says jump. She jumps.
Pretend that the tortoise says jump.

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