Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stories Told by Alkinoos

If Theagenes of Rhegium and Porphyry of Tyre
Could interpret Homeric story as spiritual allegory
And the far greater Hawthorne could turn
That niche genre against itself,
I don't see why I can't reinterpret the world.

Everything that happens, happens allegorically.
The moon is a rabbit that stands for surrender.
The stars are our thoughts. We are the spells
That enchant us. Farther, no, further, in the same
Direction: our abstractions that we allegorize,
Wisdom, inconstancy, pilgrim, death, and time,
Are themselves allegories for abstracter themes
That we can sense but never know. God
Stands for something greater, more telling
In this universe that is an allegory
For what could be more strange.

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