Monday, February 29, 2016

The Great God All Is Dead

"The steppe is an overpowering environment, an endless world without relief where the only response is to keep moving." ~Barry Cunliffe

Keep moving. Keep moving. You who are sung
In so many ways are dominated

By the heaped-up soil and whistling weather.
Alright, there's an end to your endlessness

But it's the end that ends up under you,
Flint under your thin, flinty skin,

Tattooed bones. There is no other relief.
Sit as still as you like, you'll keep moving.

Any environment you'll ever know
Will be endless and moving. The flowers

Make waves to the horizon in the spring.
Pass in the heat. Die in the wind. Again.

Call to the shoreline that the great God, All,
Is gone and let the rest, wavering, wave.

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