Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Animal Lovers

All lovers are animals,
So far. Other life forms search,
Consume, enlarge, and destroy,
But passion's evolution
Was an animal thing. Now,
One animal species groans
From a newer, weird desire

To eradicate blunt lust
Or at least to diminish,
To cut it away from love.
We are slaves to our bodies
And slaves to inherited,
Ruthless, parasitical
Minds craving flesh, transcendence.

I want to jump skeletons
Sturdier and more smoothly
Jointed than my own. I want
To pretend I don't want flesh.
I am slave to these masters
That perform me between them.
Leave me alone. Manumit

This creature you've created
Who cannot howl like a wolf
And write like an eremite
Simultaneously. I
Want my lover to succor
My irredeemable parts
Whose sins designed redemption.

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