Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nothing Does Anything

Sarah says, as she says things, half-
Heartedly and humorously,
But she's right beyond her belief.

Nothing does anything. Nothing
Does anything in all the time.
Entropy is the invasion

Of everything by slow nothing
Because everything is nothing
Without any order to it.

The burst pipe, the dead battery,
The mirror cracked, the broken leg,
The emptied bank account, the end

Of a society of cells,
Thirty, forty trillion of them
Expiring, bursting, disbanding,

No longer producing the ghost,
Trillions of copies of billions
Of intricately wrought base pairs

Disintegrating, the millions
Of such expirations each day,
Even the death of the beliefs

In divinities vouchsafing
Those ends, anything that happens,
Nothing does, nothing's creation.

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