Monday, February 1, 2016

Revolutionary Verses Eviscerate the Evolution of the Invisible Multiverse

I relish a wild inconsistency,
That exploding hobgoblin of large minds.
This. This is the best moment of my life.

Again, but differently the same. This. This
Is the best of my life. And this. Yes, this.
There's no restart button beyond human

Mind games. There is a continuity,
A catskill eagle in some souls, that though
It flies low remains forever mountained,

Or something like that. No continuous
Thing can be perceived by me very long.
Reset. This, this moment, this is the best.

Hands on the steering wheel. Salmon sunset
Lighting a mackerel sky. Home at last
After a long day at the office. Bed

After a long day outside. The shower
Head spraying me down with hot waterfalls.
Cold waterfalls in the Slocan summer.

I loved it all, especially the parts
I thought I hated, bone breaks on the ground,
The sky high, bare, and cool. I loved it all.

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