Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Murder to Connect

Cooperation is another kind of competition.
The inside of the shuffling circle of Emperor Penguins,
Starving and carrying eggs on their feet in Antarctic dark,

The outer periphery of campfire tales of Noah's Ark,
And everything in between, remain ways of drawing strength in,
The better to conserve and amass and send it out again,

"Excretion of waste to pay down the debt" owed to entropy.
Cancel that. Without cooperation, no competition.
The concentric rings grow ever outward, inventing life, death,

Predation, parasitism, the total wars of humans
And eusocial superorganisms, exquisitely tuned
And prolonged, euphonious, harmonious, polyrhythmic,

Symphonic orchestrations of sacrifice on the inside,
Pitiless, fiery walls of chaos and random cruelty
Approaching, dissolving every luminous calm from without.

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