Sunday, November 29, 2015

The End of the Dream of the Universe Existing

Neither what I know nor what I am
Deeply curious about I write
With one eye closed, hemisphere sleeping,

One eye open, hemisphere hungry,
Diving dolphin, dozing crocodile,
The whole that's only ever half there.

This is a recipe for failure,
But few among the wholly alert
Realize energetic success

Is equally failure's recipe.
Brutally terrible disaster,
To quote the cosseted teenager

Standing and peering precociously
Down the precipice of history,
Looks like a lesson for the future

When the future was still capacious,
An adolescent future, as dark
And overstuffed with odd bric-a-brac

As any sadder old man's attic.
The whole, if it were to come to life,
Would catch fire and disappear tonight.

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