Friday, November 27, 2015

Unbuttoned Bellies

A man had three sons
And the middle son
Was only a tiny bird
That shocked everyone

When he flew from his mother
Fully fledged at birth without
An egg to protect him
An egg to chip.

Then he broke and he
Broke and he fell and he
Broke and fell and broke.
The real meaning of fell,

Dark and old as the dark
Even in the bones of a bird
Born from a woman shocked
To see her sun fall from

Her own morning. Now
Commence explanation.
Slide down into the first
Indentations between

The bones and press
Down hard and think.
What does it mean
To be a wonder tale

With plenty of glass
And mystery to scatter
But no magic? The bird
Boy grew up, a bit,

And married a woman
Who didn't mind conversing
With a bird. They nested
And had one bird and one girl.

The rumors that their bird
Had to be raised in a Skinner Box,
Fed on lizards and Greek myth,
Are false, and thus it was that

Odysseus was a mower in hell.
And if I have not yet died,
Then I am still living
Happily to this day.

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