Saturday, February 10, 2024

More Lovely Light

When Paula died
Aged forty-five
And far away,
From trying self
For an ulcer
Through consumption
Of enough booze
To put herself
Into a coma,
Her erstwhile spouse
Posted Millay
In memory—
My candle burns—
Which was heartfelt
But seems mawkish
In retrospect.
But ah, my foes,
And oh, my friends. . . .
Kaveh Akbar
Suggests you can
Cut the body
In half / like a
Candle, just to
Double its light,
But brace yourself,
Then, for certain
Millay awkward,
Akbar tidy.
Just try holding
A candle lit
Both ends at once,
But cut it in half,
A solution!
Two short candles.
Still twice as fast.
Won’t last the night.
But useful now.
They’ll stand themselves
Until they melt
In consequence.

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