Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fooled You

Children in middle school
In northeast New Jersey,
In sight of Manhattan,

Just after the middle
Of the last century,
Spoke English or Spanish,

Most of them, and shouted
Locally learned taunts carved
From American slangs

Within recent years or,
At most, recent decades.
Whenever anyone

Triumphantly suckered
Someone into thinking
Something fact that wasn’t,

Some feeling genuine
That had been wholly faked,
Or some high-five coming

That then got yanked away,
The go-to cry of glee
And easy mockery

Was always, Psych! As in,
Sucker, I psyched you out.
You’ve been played. You’ve been punked,

And I did it. I win.
Thus the ancient Greek soul
Kept on transmigrating.

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