Friday, September 1, 2023

The Dirt

Or the soil, the ground, the earth.
The opposite of meaning—
Either be a transcendent

Meaning, or only the earth.
Es war Erde in ihnen.
Nothing but dirt inside them,

And so dirt gains its meanings,
In some cases, as stand-in
For meaninglessness, opposed

To meaningful transcendence,
Purposeful intelligence,
The universe of intent.

Well, the term at least. Not real
Dirt, actual soil, bare ground,
Solid earth. Capitalists,

Farmers, builders, homesteaders
Constructing rammed-earth houses—
They attend to soil as soil,

And of course it has meaning.
You could stare at a patch now.
Give it your full attention

Like a child who wants to dig,
A potter hunting for clay.
Feel how your meanings find it.

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