Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Boulder

The most solidity you’re granted
Is homeostasis, a standing
Wave. A mountain is a standing wave.

A galaxy is a standing wave.
A bacterium, bumps on a crumb,
Your words, your ideas—all standing waves.

That’s the most solidity you get.
You sit by a brook, watching closely,
As you’ve often done, as a wave crests

Over a boulder, thinking again
The usual Heraclitan things.
Some waves stand more firmly than others.

Can you step on the same boulder twice?
Ha, you may think you can but you can’t.
What appears firmer is just slower.

You imagine yourself slow, slower,
Slowest standing wave in the whole world,
Immobile down to a few quanta

Doing something spooky in your thoughts.
It’s an image imagination
Can’t maintain, and for life maintenance

Is everything. Well, not alive then.
One coherent pattern in the rush.
Even then you would gradually change.

Come back to yourself. The brook gushes
Over the boulders. The heart pulses.
What do you mean, standing, anyway?

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