Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Actual Hummingbird Allegory

There’s no intention in it,
That window, you poor small thing.
Now you’re sitting on the ground,

Bad spot for a hummingbird,
Broken, with no way to hide.
Admirably stoic, though,

Looking quite contemplative,
Head up, not twitching at all,
As if observing the world,

Coming to some conclusion.
Well, that you are. Some raven
Or housecat will see to that.

Or maybe you’ll just fade out.
Not sure which is worse. No one
Here observing has courage

Or tenderness sufficient
To scoop you up, snap your neck,
Or set you up in a box

With cloth and sugar water
To see if you recover.
You look so solemn. You are.

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