Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Key to Acting Is Sincerity

Look, she squinted through the smoke
Of a hopeless cigarette
Dropping untapped cylinders
Of collapsing ash. Listen

To the Warm made me shudder
The first time I spotted it.
I wasn’t some highbrow snob.
I was a raw teenager,

Ignorant of poetry
Other than pop songs and hymns.
But I knew creepy, gooey
Sincerity at first sight.

It was like a stranger’s hand
Touching my leg, that title.
And don’t try to dress it up,
Calling it synesthetic.

Synesthesia can stink.
She stubbed out her cigarette.
Give me a butt-freaking break.
I know manipulation.

That’s what sincerity’s for.
He was peddling emotions
Back to whoever bought them
To pretend they were their own.

Tell us how you really feel,
Someone wisecracked awkwardly
And got a glare in response
Across the bar, long ago.

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