Monday, November 7, 2022

In the Garden of Eden, Utah

Two couples, unrelated,
Strolled across the little park,
A postage stamp of green shade

In a sunny, concrete town.
Each couple was clearly seen
To be one male, one female,

Coded appropriately
In terms of gendered clothing,
Although one couple were old—

Snowy white hair, black glasses—
The other young and just white.
They crossed on diagonals,

Intersecting desire lines,
At which point, the young couple
Overheard the old man curse,

Whatever the Hell, something,
Something, and it made them grin,
Exchange glances, and chuckle.

Then the diagonals kept
Diverging, as the old man
Belatedly recognized

The younger couple and called
To them, Have a nice weekend!
And the young woman called back

To him over her shoulder, You too!
And the old couple were pleased,
The young couple much amused.

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