Thursday, November 17, 2022


The plane lifted off, less than ten minutes late.
The weather was fine. Nothing weird on radar.
Airspeed stabilized below two hundred knots.

A mechanical fault triggered an alert.
The cockpit crew read the procedure checklist.
Airspeed dropped below one-hundred fifty knots.

The pilot moved the throttle lever open
To compensate. The crew kept troubleshooting.
An abnormal sound began in the engines.

The airspeed dropped again. The plane drifted left.
The pilot announced they’d lost the left engine.
The pilot attempted engine feathering.

The noise intensified. A massive drag force
Now pulled on the left side of the fuselage.
The pilot took over manual control.

The deceleration was approaching stall.
All efforts to straighten the plane were failing
And seemed to only worsen the conditions.

The faulty engine suddenly fixed itself.
In an instant, the aircraft banked to the right,
Flipped over, barrel rolled, and then plunged straight down.

The dreamer awoke with a view of the ground
And the thought that the sky looked awfully green.
Now you chose. End there or start another day.

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