Saturday, March 5, 2022

The House of Expectations

Never shatters, never lets
Expectations hovering
Always just under the lip

Get away. It was a skull
Of skill with language, divine
Something or other gifted

To the species of people.
Together, the gifted pair,
Inquisitive, afterthought,

Opened the skull and let out,
As you like it, either all
The evils into the world

Or all the goods, flown away,
Never to be recovered.
Expectations crawled out, too,

But paused like a spooked insect,
Right at the lip, just under,
And got shut back up for it.

Now the keepers of the skull
Debate—are expectations
Hope that makes up for evil,

Hope, helplessly locked away,
Hope, the only good not fled,
Or the one last evil, dread?

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