Monday, March 14, 2022

Reburial Genre

What people did to people
Revisited by people
Now, either to repeat it,

Enact purgative vengeance
For it, or be traumatized
Simply by learning of it,

Well, that’s horror isn’t it?
Rather shallow, isn’t it,
People vs. people stuff.

Most of the planet’s surface
Is a burial ground, if
You let go of the sacred

Distinctions for human graves.
Dirt doesn’t care for your grief
Or ritual interment,

Nor for those who went before
Or will come after. That’s you.
The sacred is always you,

And what you say is sacred,
And arguments about it,
And then who’s more powerful,

Which ends encoding meanings
Of the sacred as power
And its crimes against the weak.

The spooky tales float like mist
Rising off of the forests
Of you and your sacred dead,

Your various sacred dead,
Warnings you give each other
To fear the ancient sacred,

When you know your real horror
Is of your sacred’s absence
And grim inefficacy.

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