Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Notes of A and Suiki

She finds the diary
She kept when she was six.
She reads it to her friend

Who recently unearthed
The diary that she kept
When she was eight. They both

Shriek and roll with laughter
Because their diaries
Have terrible spelling,

Of course, and don’t record
Daily events at all,
Just warnings to keep out,

Lists of likes and dislikes,
Which family members
They loved or were mad at

In that moment, crushes
On elementary
School classmates, attested

By writing the charmed name
Many times on a page,
And then, after a few entries,

Nothing. Her friend started
A new diary this year
That her father gave her

Over the holidays,
Good-quality paper
With a lock and two keys.

She might start one herself,
But what notes should she make,
Thinking about later

When she and a friend might
Compare entries again
To laugh at them now then?

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