Thursday, February 3, 2022

Mara’s Last Para

You should go visit Mara.
She’s been in the hospital.
She’s had all kinds of trouble,
But she’s still weirdly cheerful.

You’ll probably feel better
Because you visited her.
When I went over last week,
She looked like she was dying,

But she was always smiling.
Maybe it was all the drugs,
But she didn’t seem fuzzy,
Just sarcastic and funny.

She was so tickled to talk
And so pleased with her window
With the bare tree outside it.
When I asked her how she was,

She chuckled and said awful,
And believe me, she looked it,
But she laughed, so I asked her
What’s so funny, and she said,

I’m only laughing at Time
Because I never loaned him
Any evil, but the fool
Insists on paying me back!

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