Thursday, February 10, 2022

Lyric’s Storytelling

Glück: How quiet it is
now that life has triumphed.
It’s summer in her poem,

Which often mentions dust.
Consider the student
You were, that one student

You knew, too much like you,
Who never had students,
Who still wants to ask, What

Does she mean by saying
It’s quiet, “now that life
Has triumphed”? Well, student,

That’s not what you’re supposed
To ask. It’s not for us
To tell you, either, but

We can tell you this much—
For us it makes the rest
Of the poem fall away,

All of it, out of mind,
Except something about
Dust, an old photograph,

A god and a nanny—
No wait, no—her mother—
In a summer garden.

Because that line, student,
That line, two lines really,
Gets to us. Life’s triumph,

It suggests, to us, is
Death. Small lives might struggle
Against life, best they can.

Life’s just too big for them.
It’s all over now. Life
Triumphed, and it’s quiet.

As with all life’s triumphs,
That’s the end to expect,
Garden gone quiet. Yes.

Oh. I thought she maybe
Meant the war was over,
So, not death. That, too, yes.

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