Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Your Career at Dream State University

From the beginning, everything
About it was mildly, when not
Wildly, inappropriate. So.

You went there for the wrong reasons.
You were asked invasive questions.
You spotted someone filming you

Alone in and from a darkened
Room next to the interview room.
You were hired on false pretenses

To do a job you couldn’t do
But no one else wanted, because
No one but you could do it. So.

You tried to teach. You tried to quit.
You sat in your office and drank.
Buildings rose and fell around you.

Tenure became the tide that came
And went and came and went, and yet
You were always stranded and wet.

You administered a little.
You were administered to. You taught,
Or thought you did. You tried research

Into the ways many faces
Swam into view every few months,
Attached to phosphorescent names,

Like lantern fish without lanterns
Surrounded by myriad lamps.
There was a darkness in the waves.

So. More buildings were destroyed. More
Halls appeared to have meetings in.
Devices dangled from ceilings.

One day you found yourself alone
In a darkened room recording
Your original interview.

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