Tuesday, January 18, 2022

War Breaks Out Again

Roughly every third chapter,
It’s time for another war,
Another conquest, at least

Another battle ending
In multiple beheadings.
This is how the story goes,

From one fight scene to the next,
Comic relief in between,
Some sex and exposition.

Wherever there’s a fortress,
There’s someone thinking of siege
And someone thinking of more

Fortresses over the hill.
Wherever there’s a treasure,
There are hawk eyes on the hoard.

Some of this is only true
As a narrative pattern.
Some of it’s true in the world.

Everyone and no one wins,
Every time the war begins.
No one in the war can win,

But descendants down the line
Will have won without knowing,
And that is their privilege.

And then they begin again.
It’s a series. It’s legend.
War always breaks out again.

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