Saturday, December 4, 2021

Up at Altitude

A wide man was talking
With a thin man with
A small dog between them,

And the conversation
Was friendly, expansive,
As the wide man went on

Expressing his delight
With his newfound desert
Life, how he’d just played golf

Yesterday, a whole month
Past when he could up north,
How he loved retirement,

Going fishing up here
In the mountains this late
In the year. The thin man

Laughed and agreed. They both
Talked loudly to the air,
Strangers moments ago,

Now letting the world know
How satisfied they were.
Alright! Good meeting ya!

It’s soothing when talking
Pairs of humans split up,
How that snuffs the display.

One drove off in his truck.
Instantly, the other
Clammed up, nothing to say.

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