Monday, December 27, 2021

Great Myths Are the Gossip of the Ghosts

If you have imagined it,
Someone’s probably done it.
This goes for both art and crime.

You know why storytellers
Need to research, need details,
Their own or someone else’s?

Imagination’s ghost haunts
Memory’s cemeteries
In search of lives it’s not had.

Ah, but you didn’t know that
About ghosts did you?
They’re ghosts since they never lived,

And they’ve got no memories
Of their own to draw from, so
They must haunt those minds that do.

And minds only know so much,
Bodies only live so long,
And everything you’ve thought of

However dully, idly,
Lacking any intention,
Someone, somewhere’s probably

Done, because it can be thought
Within the bone cells of mind,
Within a span of lifetime,

And even if it’s not done,
Some ghost will descend on it
If it’s at all spoken of,

And float it along until
Someone’s really done it, then
Storytellers want details.

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