Saturday, December 25, 2021

Roof, Roof, Ruff, Roof, Roof, Ruff

One year, a few years ago,
In the holiday season,
The divorced father, loathing

The endless repetition
Of the same six songs
For a sixth of every year,

Made a careful selection
Of medieval Christmas tunes
And Renaissance caroling,

That sort of thing. When time came
To put up the tiny tree
In the rented apartment,

He started up the playlist,
Content to avoid Rudolph,
Mariah, and all the gang

Piped into shopping plazas
Since well before Thanksgiving.
But this distressed his daughter.

That isn’t Christmas music!
You have to put on Christmas
Music for decorating!

Within a few minutes, both
Were barking along madly
To the all-dog Jingle Bells

As the desert sun shone in
Through the wide window, bleaching
The lights on the little tree.

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