Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sacred Brutes of Crudest Allegory

Arriving, the aliens proved themselves
Invisible and subtle as angels.

Given human notions of invasions
Favor bleak visions of apocalypse,

Significant chunks of population
Couldn’t get their heads around the problem.

Even as considerable numbers
Started to pine and die, many denied

There were any aliens among them.
Could be just the common cold. Could be God

Testing human resolve, they said brightly.
And anyway, asked the faithful, often,

Why should we believe in what we can’t see?
Thus, the invasion proved as successful

As you’d expect from armies of angels,
Stealthy, invisible creatures with wings,

Intent on settling in their latest home
Away from heaven, using sharp elbows,

Swift misdirections, clever strategies
Inflicting minimal mortality.

But they’re only the pioneer angels.
Aliens fall from heaven all the time,

And once the first have tamed a wilderness,
More sacred brutes will follow, more and more.

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