Sunday, October 24, 2021

Pleistocene Poetry Scene

You saw all your days as lost nights,
But you had to live them. Could you

Replace these words with images?
Close your eyes. Don’t look at the bright

Colors in your sunny courtyard.
Think more inwardly and darkly.

Your mind goes to level plain.
It looks like hardpan, but it’s damp.

A whiff of fuel is in the air,
But there’s no sign of vehicles

Or buildings. A group of people
Are walking across the damp sand,

And some kind of large animal
Appears to turn to avoid them.

The sky looks like snow’s on the way.
Aren’t you hungry? Aren’t you thirsty?

You are thousands of years ago.
You can’t live here. Feel the wind blow?

Their descendants will find your bones,
If they have descendants. You won’t.

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