Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Poetry Based on True Stories

And advertising as much—
Much more esteemed, recently,
Than poetry based on gods.

Fairytales are alright, if
They’re blended with a people’s
Actual harsh history.

Autobiography’s fine,
If the stories are painful
Enough. Poetry eschews,

Or should, the privileged life
Lived comparatively well.
Memoirs are for the famous,

Adventurers, trailblazers,
The brave and/or traumatized.
No details of boring lives,

Please. That’s just bad poetry.
Faith can work, but work it must.
It can’t sit in the background.

If you’re going to be formal,
Show us your architecture
Based on detailed schematics.

This is all very well. All
Is well. Any true story
Told well will lie well as well.

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