Wednesday, August 4, 2021

To Thine Own Self Be False

Better to be a traitor
Than hero or an ally.
Better to let down the cause

That most suits you, suits your type,
Your kin, your kind. At least then,
No one works to judge your worth—

You’re worthless to all. You can’t
Be other than what you are,
And what you are, you betrayed.

Be the angel who chose Hell;
Be the informant in Hell,
Devil who sold souls to God,

Whatever you have to do,
To not be subject to those
Who think you belong to them,

Nor begging to be chosen
For adoption by their foes.
It’s best to be forgotten,

Left dodging being trodden
Underfoot until you’re gone.
Barring that, fight for no one.

All the evil’s on both sides,
Harm on all sides, including,
Most especially, your own.

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