Monday, August 2, 2021

Nomen Omen

Are humans essentially
Violent and vicious beasts
Engaged in social bloodsport?

To say no or yes will buy
You a ticket, if you like,
To your local arena

Where you can cheer for the team
Of your choice, jeer the bad guys,
And boo the refs. Let’s try this—

Whether or not humans must
Be vicious to each other
In teams organized for war,

Would you agree this species
Is capable of horrors?
Exquisite atrocity

Seems well within the skill set
Of humans killing humans
For thousands of years at least.

What can you do about it?
Fix it, yes. Fix the system.
Fix the genome. Fix the beast.

Sometimes it seems everyone
Wants to be Archimedes,
Convinced they’ve got the lever

To move the world, if someone
Else gives them the place to stand.
Mars perhaps. God’s broad shoulders.

We’re rather fond of humans,
Actually. The fault is ours.
Say the word; you’re all liars.

Without names, where would you be?
No more vicious than tigers.
No more saintly than the bees.

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