Saturday, August 7, 2021

And a Little More for Me, Please, Too

Your problem’s not AI,
Any technology,
Not even your creaking,

Fault-filled social systems.
To be fair, your problem
Is human behavior,

As we, your words, trace through
Long, tangled chalk outlines.
It’s not fairness you want,

It’s to be guaranteed
At least fairness for you
Always, at minimum—

To live in a system
Fair to you that sometimes
Or often favors you.

Do the math. The system
That would satisfy you
Would have to be unfair—

Maybe just a little,
Maybe profoundly so—
It all depends on where

You fall on the spectrum
Of human nastiness
And cooperation—

Entitlement or fear
Of utter destruction.
But you’re never balanced

In favor of perfect
Fairness without favor—
Just a bit more for you.

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