Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Not for Getting It Over With

If attention is paid
In units, glances, clicks,
And is both fungible

As to exchanged units,
But non-fungible as
In a given person

Paying that attention
That comes from a person,
That no one else can give,

How best to invest it
From limited accounts?
After all, it can be

Accrued, economies
And empires built from it,
Without investing much,

While its deep investment,
Unlike capital, won’t
Often return in kind.

Some say pay attention
To breath, to thought, to now,
To inequality,

To human suffering,
To the deaths of forests,
To still, small hints from God.

They all pay dividends,
Enhanced by more and more
Attention, to a point.

They all enrich the lives
Of attentive persons.
But what is there, waiting

For attention, without
Strategically seeking
Out more and more of it,

Willing to wait, able
To notice attention
When paid, not to enrich

Or enhance anything
Of the attentive life,
But to end this question?

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