Saturday, April 3, 2021

How to Read the Parking Lot

Individual people
Make themselves comfortable,

Quickly, with just exactly
As much privilege, safety,

Freedom and security
As they find themselves allowed,

An observation offered
By way of pure prediction

And also explanation.
When you see the distracted

Driver of an SUV
Texting and parking skew-whiff

Then meandering across
A crosswalk in her own world,

Narrowly avoiding death,
And you wonder how she’s lived

Into and through middle age,
With the resources to shop

And afford a set of wheels
And personal devices

And clean clothes to go out in,
Consider it’s possible

She’s an individual
Who knows the parameters

Of protection in her world,
An animal who uses

Her privileges to take
Chances with doddering grace,

Who has survived by virtue
Of luck and not exceeding

Securities as given,
As a person, lax, like you.

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