Sunday, April 4, 2021

Hyenas and Weasels

Something went bang in the center
Of our own Milky Way around
15 to 20 million years

Ago, right around the same time
Hyenas and weasels emerged.
Is any tribe as dangerous

Lacking a clear leader? Life forms
The demonology of thought
Experiments. Del deport du

Viel antif, Matematico
Sopraordinario, I’m
Not a story—I’m a mess too

Many stories made. You can do
Anything with a narrative
Except make it real. There’s no tale

Outside of tales. Going into
The mountains, one fears it’s not deep
Enough, but the deeper one goes,

The more goblins. East of the pond,
The words dwell alone. Tell no one.
Unnerved by a premonition

Of their demise, the dinner guests
Dispersed and went home to prepare
For the worst. Of course, the storm came.

Nothing exists twice. The wonder
Of education is that it
Does not ruin everyone. Now,

The Pelican Nebula is
Changing. The entire nebula,
Officially designated

IC 5070, is
Divided from the much larger
North American Nebula

By a molecular cloud filled
With dark dust—ordinary dust,
Not dark matter. Something snarls bang.

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