Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Summer Actual—Not Hopeful, Not Dreadful, Unimagined—Winter

The lion in her desert
Protects the tented hermit.

The lion and the hermit
Together in their painting
Protect guest-room grandmother.

Grandmother in her guest room
Protects the small visitor
To the island from island
And islanders and sailors.

The author of the island
Protects the island, sailors,
Visitor, grandmother, guest
Room, lion in the painting
Of hermit in the desert.

The reader of the stories
The author of the island
Left behind her protects her
Memory, using others
Of the reader’s own, salting
Words with them to store in chests.

Memory-brined words in chests
Protect the reader from cold
Nights when not even blankets
Are enough and comforters
Arrive as the window starred
In chilled messengers of light.
“Details don’t really matter.”

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