Thursday, August 13, 2020

Immanent Absence Absent Immanence

An individual is a persistent coherence
Or coherent persistence, if you prefer,
Stable enough to attach a name to it.

An individual is poorly defined as object.
Enduring unfolding of typical behaviors
On a scale of increasing regularity

More closely, if awkwardly, captures
The functional natures making individuals.
There’s a fractal scale of individuality,

From viral patterns to jellyfish, ants
To grizzly bears, and, we must admit,
Human individuals doing all this defining

Are forever uncertain of our positions
On these scales we’ve considered for all.
Earth is an individual, some of us think,

As thought busies itself with obscuring
Our individual potentials. All the thoughts,
All the names and numbers outlining them

As they ferry themselves through the seas
As humans, glowing phosphorescence
Lighting the surface of thought’s ocean,

Extensive, vast, persistent enough to be
One person composed of all of us, and by
Us we mean us, world of dreams, not one.

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