Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Change the Beautiful


You have gone out and flourished
You will return to be stored

When you grew in the new moon
No one on earth could find you

Without lenses and passion
Without curiosity

Now the season is over
And your silver seeds blossom

Everyone can notice you
Who isn’t under a cloud

Even in blinding cities
Even where there are no stars

Well-done—You are flourishing
You will return to be stored


Small birds and minor mammals
Gather around with their clues

Evidence of the rhythm
The lovely oscillation

That lets us count the changes
Accounting for your circle

The beauty of your changes
That render each life mortal

And life itself immortal
In one story you were loved

And in another trusted
But the ends of all stories

Are to get to beginnings
Of what never looks like change


You look like yourself to me
Someone who was left alone

Unimportant to story
Except as explanation

A human who did something
Noble bizarre atrocious

Therefore why the world’s like this
Stuck forever in the sky

It’s not that we need to know
Why—we just love saying why

Why we’re never satisfied
New why stories all the time

I love to look at your face
Forever never same sky


What is a continuum?
Unlimited division

An autonomous notion
Beauty is continuous

And you are continuous
Saturated and finite

Only regarding yourself
As I regard you only

Regard is continuous
Saturated and finite

Your home less ancient than mine
Less painful more shadowed bright

As when you slip from your robes
Over the snow on clear nights

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