Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Camper Vans at Grapevine

Once the organism itself is
Favored over its component cells
The organism is stabilized

Any cells that rebel after that
Only damage the organism
Or are killed quickly by other cells

We are not an organism yet
Although something whole asserts itself
Against small lives lived in defiance

First we need alignment of fitness
Before we can fully export it
To the few of us who do no work

Contributing to the survival
Of the organism as a whole
But stand at the ready to produce

The next generation of ideas
As yet the most leisure-capable
Think little and look after their own

While the most survival-focused work
To keep up and promote their offspring
To those ranks of leisure-capable

But we all feel the disapproval
Of the organisms of meaning
Trying to cohere around our needs

And as we carve apart the last stands
We want more and more to lose ourselves
In woods we’re hell-bent on removing

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