Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Day Is a Windy Shoreline

~Brass at Dawn

How the world looks over a reservoir
From a road in the desert at sunrise

If it takes thirteen years for the spirit
To move on this one’s a short-timer now

The universe speaks in nothing
But us as far as we know—poor monster

Behind arrows are probabilities
Behind probabilities more arrows

That any answer is hard to find
Says more than any one answer

A gust of wind hits the reservoir
So hard a vortex of spray spins and falls

Interactions like that of sun weather
Water and surface made us all

~ Noon Forever Waiting for the Storm

It is human to believe
We can ask the world questions

And if we ask correctly
Something real will answer them

Sortilege with yarrow or 
Vast underground telescopes

Let skies show us tomorrow
God preserve our fondest hopes

It is human human is
How tired of human I am

The mind drifts to the others
Just as frightened and hungry

Not asking any questions
Never prognosticating

Just getting on with living
Wanting resting contentment

In an ordinary scene
That has no special meaning

The cat has killed a lizard
The cat is chasing a mouse

If the mouse escapes the cat
The cat wants back in the house

Now let’s ask the world again
What is it we never learn?

Or let’s ask the sleeping cat
Come in from windy hunting

What is it makes a shoreline
All that water? All that sand?

~ Night Never Sleeps on the Line

Nonlinear arrogance imagines
Itself beyond simplicity of line

Nothing so simple about a line
Fiction in two dimensions

Continuously curvaceous
Dragon leviathan serpentine

You can tie yourself up in a line
Good luck then finding the end of it

Divide it over and over and over
You’ll never uncover a gap

I don’t need to know this
I don’t need to know what

I’m talking about to better
Your opinion of the figure

In the line that says no telling
I just love that line

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