Friday, June 7, 2019

Tout Court Circular

All life is longing for life,
“An expression of longing
For something that is

From horror,” from death,
From eating and defeating,

From dying, being eaten.
You can’t have life without death,
The most basic truism

We know enough to forget.
“There are too many
Horrifying ways to live,”

A septuagenarian
Friend observes by way
Of explaining why those friends

Closer to her age
Or beyond talk openly
Now, the youth generation,

The peace and love, back to Earth,
Tune in, turn on, never trust
Anyone over thirty

Generation, of their plans
For orchestrating exits
Ahead of misery’s worst,

Although few enough succeed.
The longing for life
Is life, all there is

To living, continuing
As an eating, digesting,
Wasting and longing being.

Oh, there’s more, much more,
To experience of life,
But not to being alive.

Life is longing for living,
The definition of life,
Circular because

Circularity is life,
As even these lines,
Not fully alive

Claim, longing, longing for life.

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