Sunday, June 9, 2019

Deep Cover

"Is it more respectful to treat him like a human being, or to accept that he isn't one?"

I’m tired of being human.
I’m no good at it.
I’m requesting a transfer,

Although I suspect
That’s the end of my career.
As bad as I am—

Visibly implausible,

Socially inept—
I’m not qualified
For anything else.

But I’m tired of it.
My choice of species suits me
As poorly as the clothing.

I inhabit the body
So imperfectly,
I’m amazed I’ve not been caught.

I don’t move like most humans.
I don’t think like most humans.
You’d expect they’d spot the fake.

That they don’t, that they chide me,
Advise me, encourage me,
Credit me as one of them,

Only makes me less like them,
Only lets me know I am
Human being alien.

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