Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Blacksmith and the Devil

Purity may be
The greatest evil
Humans ever invented.

If we’re tainted, we’re tainted
By our belief we can be—
Anything can be—tainted.

It’s partly to do with death
And partly to do with team.
They reinforce each other.

Our identities
Are Venn diagrams
Dense as children’s spirographs.

We’re wary of each other
Because we know ourselves well.
We erase from our circles

Overlapping memberships
We all maintain, all distrust
In everyone else.

Or, that’s only my excuse
For our wickedness.
Maybe there is no reason,

No naturalizing
Explanation that makes sense
Of our urge to purify

When all the world, including
Each of us, is more or less
Alloyed, and alloys

Are as useful as useless.
It’s ruthless, the way we purge
What we never can,

The way we forge holy grails,
The way we torment, torture,
Murder, burn, and fail, and fail.

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