Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Group Therapy

James tells the story of how
A man picked him up hitching
And became his friend,

A man with a farm,
A tree-removal business,
Peacocks, a bearded dragon,

Horses, and a wood chipper
In central New Mexico.
James worked for that man a month.

Now he's homeless, but he hopes.
If he can just make it through,
He can get back to that ranch.

Ed tells the story of how,
One time down in the coal mine,
He had just finished his lunch

And had stood up from the bench
To walk across the mine floor
When the chamber behind him

Collapsed and the wave of air
Alone knocked him flat.
He's unemployed, but he hopes

That when he gets out of here
He can go back to being
A mine-safety inspector.

Kris tells the story of how
She fell in love with playing
Native American flute

And eventually taught it
As a spiritual subject
At the extension college.

Now she deals with macular
Degeneration and fears
Blindness will end her teaching.

But she hopes, when she gets out,
She'll still find a way to play.
The social worker thanks her,

And we, the society
Of those who survived trying
To die, nod encouragement.

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